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Drawing women out of their comfort zones and into adventure in order to create a space for deep connection and wild courage resulting in lasting growth in their identity and relationship with others and the Lord.
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Hi! We’re Sara and Morgan. We started Wild and Free Mamas because we are mamas and we love a good old-fashioned adventure! We believe that every mama needs to periodically take the time to recharge, connect and have some FUN! Our mission is to create opportunities for adventure with the goal of growing relationships with each other and with God. Read more below about what our adventures include and what's next on our schedule!

We hope you will join us as we head out into the

beautiful beyond and connect together as mamas! 

Come on, let's go on an adventure!

Founders of Wild & Free Mamas


   Sara + Morgan



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Our Adventure Retreats are where all the magic happens. Several times a year we host curated, amazing adventures to provide our Wild + Free Mama Community with a place to connect, live and in-person in God's beautiful landscape. Time spent in nature, worshipping the Lord and connecting with other mamas brings life changing memories and tangible growth.

what to expect

Our weekend adventure retreats create a unique summer camp like experience including:​​

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overnight camping experience

evening campfire worship

exciting outdoor adventure

life-giving connection + conversation

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We find that when nervous women are cheered on by other mamas to rappel down a rock face or jump into a waterfall despite their fear, they are reminded that scary is not necessarily bad, and that they can do scary things. This promotes confidence in taking the plunges that the Lord calls them into in real life.


Our ultimate goal is inspiring a generation of women to live   


  braver lives devoted to Jesus!


up next.

Stay tuned for info about our 2023 Adventure Retreats!

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NOTE : Registration for each Adventure Retreat opens 6 weeks prior to allow for fair chances to sign up before capacity is reached. We highly suggest adding all the events and registration days to your calendar so you don't miss the chance to sign up before the event is full. They fill up very quickly! 

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We have multiple opportunities for support here at Wild + Free Mamas! See below for the best way for you! We are immensely grateful and thankful for every level of involvement.

Bless you! 

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